A poll taken after the Capitol Hill rioting that Democrats blame on President Donald Trump reveals that more than nine out of 10 of his supporters would still vote for him – results that could spell disaster for Republicans such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who have supported efforts to impeach the president.

The favorable Trump numbers relayed in a Washington Examiner report revealed the findings of pollster Frank Luntz – numbers that reportedly should have many Republicans who sided with the Democrats very concerned.

“Despite their criticism of his conduct since November 3rd and last week, 91% of Trump voters say they’d still vote for him if another presidential election were held today,” Luntz tweeted Monday.

Republicans not buying Democrats’ and mainstream media’s take?

Even though McConnell and about a dozen Republicans in Congress joined Democrats in pushing for Trump’s impeachment, most of the presidents’ supporters do not buy into the narrative that he incited the violence – especially with the president being recorded calling demonstrators at the nation’s capital to a “peaceful” protest.

“I asked Trump voters about last week’s storming of the U.S. Capitol, [and only] 25% say Trump is responsible for what happened,” Luntz posted on Twitter.

An overwhelming majority also acknowledge the massive media coverup of rife voter fraud and scandalous vote-counting tactics that drastically turned the election results in Democrat Joe Biden’s favor after Republican volunteer observers were turned away election night after midnight – when they were falsely told that vote counting would stop for the night.

“Additionally, 78% of the 800 Trump voters polled said they agree with the president’s claim that the election was ‘stolen’ from him, and 67% believe Trump would be the winner if votes were ‘counted accurately and fairly,” the Washington Examiner reported from the findings. “When asked whether the president should continue his fight to stay in the White House, voters were split with 50% saying he should and 50% saying he should leave.”

Another poll also shows McConnell on very shaky ground with Republicans.

“Republicans across the U.S. are siding with President Trump over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – big time – according to a new Axios-Ipsos poll,” Axios tweeted Thursday.

It appears to the conservative media that McConnell made a big mistake, which could cost him and other Republicans seeking re-election in the near future.

“Sen. Mitch McConnell’s somewhat aggressive support for the Democratic impeachment push over the Capitol Hill riot is fraught with danger,” Townhall’s Matt Vespa argued. “The base isn’t leaving Trump – in fact, it wants GOP politicians to be more like the president. Even after the chaotic scene last week – where five people died – the base isn’t leaving the 45th president.”

It was further argued that the Capitol Hill riot is not playing out to be a game-changer for Trump, but rather a “monumental blunder” for McConnell … for siding with Senate Democrats on impeachment over the incident.

“As of now – and as it will be until the next election in 2024 – Donald J. Trump is bound to be the nominee, should he decide to run again,” Vespa added. “Also, the so-called Trump Republican wing is numerous in their millions – and has the ability to truly chop the more traditional GOP at the knees if the latter does stuff like, I don’t know – support the impeachment of Donald Trump.”

Axios states that its findings are consistent with the House Republican majority’s resolve to not certify the election and reject Democrats’ move impeach the president.

“Big majorities of Republicans still think Trump was right to challenge his election loss, support him, don’t blame him for the Capitol mob and want him to be the Republican nominee in 2024, Margaret Talev and David Nather write,” Axios recounted. “The survey shows why Trump could run again in 2024 (and possibly win) if he isn’t convicted — or banned from holding federal office – by the Senate. It also shows the peril and opportunity for institutionalists like McConnell trying to reclaim the GOP.”

A dire warning was issued to Democrat-siding establishment Republicans.

“The Trump Republicans are still large enough of a group to either stay and dominate primary politics or walk away if Trump is cast out, which would weaken the GOP’s force posture against Democrats,” Vespa concluded. “Sorry, Never Trumpers, but this populist wave is going to be sticking around for a long time. You can’t purge this wing – it’ll be political suicide.”


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