While a poll of more than 4,000 adults suggests a significant portion of the American public is wary of immigrants, the Hispanic community in the U.S. is already wise to how the Left could attempt to use that distrust for political gain.

According to that December poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, “about 1 in 3 U.S. adults believes an effort is underway to replace U.S.-born Americans with immigrants for electoral gains.” Additionally, the poll indicates “about 3 in 10 also worry that more immigration is causing U.S.-born Americans to lose their economic, political and cultural influence.”

American Family News spoke to Ronnie Lucero, national chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA). “This isn’t the case at all,” he says, emphasizing that “illegal immigration is the key issue [for most Americans].” He contends legal immigration is welcomed in the United States without fear of a loss of economic, political, and cultural influence.

“The largest majority of conservatives, as well as Republicans, are not anti-immigrant,” he argues. “[In fact, they are] pro-process and pro-immigration when it’s done the correct way.”

Lucero continues: “People who are [immigrating via] the right process and taking the right steps deserve a priority to pursue the American dream over those who do not.” But those on the Left, he says, are trying to “move the goalposts, as they always do, [because] they see a shift [toward conservatism] happening in the Hispanic community.”

AFN has reported recently on that shift, noting reports from groups like the Pew Research Center and Quinnipiac University showing dissatisfaction among Hispanics with President Joe Biden, his administration’s policies, and the Democratic Party’s progressive agenda.

The RNHA national chairman contends that in an effort to quell this shift, the Left “is pushing an agenda to make immigrants feel like they are not wanted [in the U.S.]” – and results like those reported by the AP-NORC poll are fuel for the fire, he adds.

“[Such findings can become] a tool that they can use to make Republicans look like they are anti-immigration,” he warns. “It could be used to attack conservatives and boost [the Left’s] support among voters.”

However, Lucero doesn’t expect the Hispanic community to fall for it. “[They’re] starting to realize that the Democratic Party is using whatever means it can to sway their minds and opinions – and they’re waking up to it because they’re getting educated about issues that really matter,” he assures.


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