This week brought new light to the horror that exists in this country and the complete disregard some have for innocent human life. Bills and comments sparked outrage and reminded us all that the lives lost from abortion are worse than Auschwitz. What is going on with the far left?

There’s a sickness in this country that has grown for decades, and this week, it was dramatically brought to everyone’s attention. My hope is that it made people say, “Are these people seriously that twisted and evil?”

The Democrat governor of Virginia actually described a case where the baby was born and THEN a decision would be made on what to do next. There was hardly any coverage in the so-called mainstream media, as if it didn’t happen at all.

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Plus, Nancy Pelosi said that there will be no funding for the border wall. But guess who does use a wall for protection. You can see some crazy examples in today’s 13-Minute News Hour.

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