Planned Parenthood is feeling the heat and stepping up their efforts to get Barack Obama reelected. In an effort to continue the practice of abortion on demand (at any time, for any reason), Planned Parenthood is couching their support for Obama under the issues of “health” and “economics.”

As noted in The Hill, “Planned Parenthood endorsed President Obama’s reelection Wednesday morning and slammed Mitt Romney for what it called his ‘harmful positions on women’s health.'”

Here is their video statement:!

It’s always the same smoke and mirrors. Within the first 15 seconds, we already hear about “protecting women’s access to basic health care.” Come folks! Whether you believe abortions should be allowed or not, let’s at least get on the same page and have an “apples to apples” debate. Most abortions have NOTHING to do with a woman’s “health.” They are performed for convenience. The unborn child is a nuissance… a burden… an inconveience. And the law of the land allows that unborn child to be killed.

In most cases, birth control pills are NOT part of basic health care. It’s so someone can have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. Don’t have sex, and the pills aren’t needed, right? Yet Planned Parenthood considers birth control pills to be a “right” that the tax payers should fund. Nonsense.

Here’s more from The Hill.

The group rarely gets involved in presidential campaigns — this is only the third time it has endorsed for president — but it has become increasingly politically active in the past two years, since House Republicans pushed to cut off all government funds for the group, which mostly focuses on preventive care but also provides access to abortion with non-governmental funds.

The group’s comments play into the Obama campaign’s argument that Romney and Republicans are waging a “war on women.”

Planned Parenthood also launched a $1.4 million ad buy blasting Romney, targeting a statement he made saying he would “get rid” of the group and citing his opposition to abortion rights. The ads will run in West Palm Beach, Des Moines and Washington, D.C., targeting female voters in the key swing states of Florida, Iowa and Virginia.

Here’s the ad:

You can feel how you want about abortion, but the fact of the matter is that Planned Parenthood exists because of the BUSINESS of abortion. And just like any business, they will do anything they can to ensure that they can provide the supply for the demand. It’s funny how the left can embrace economics when it works for them.

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