Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are now using the word “bribery,” because a focus group said it would play better with the audience. A new government report shows that over ten percent of DACA applicants have criminal records, and one university is teaching students how to “decolonize” Thanksgiving. All that and more on today’s show!

For weeks the Democrats were talking about a “quid pro quo” between President Trump and Ukraine. Now, that phrase has completely disappeared. The Democrats reached out to a focus group and learned that the word “bribery” plays better. So that’s what they are running with.

A new report from the government shows that over 10% of applicants to the DACA program have criminal records. Over 25,000 have violent criminal records. If we want to clean up the illegal immigration problem, how about if we start there?

A college in Pennsylvania is teaching students that they need to “decolonize” the Thanksgiving holiday. The school notes that images of “pilgrims and Indians” can be harmful to students.

Check out today’s show for all the details.

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