Criticism pours in following Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s outrageous comments that the Electoral College is racist. CNN’s Chris Cuomo thinks something must be wrong, because President Trump is too good looking, and San Francisco goes full PC as the city introduces kinder, gentler terms for words “convicts” and “felons.”

Not only is President Trump racist, but apparently, the Electoral College is too at least according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Thankfully, many conservatives are speaking out at just how outrageous Ocasio-Cortez’s comments are.

Also, a federal circuit court of appeals dealt a blow to AOC and the far left with a ruling on the Electoral College, determining that states cannot force presidential electors to vote a certain way.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is certainly fixated on President Trump. Now, Cuomo thinks Trump must not care as much as previous presidents, because Trump continues to look the same. This is what CNN considers to be news?

San Francisco has gone completely off the deep end of political correctness. The city has issued a resolution instructing city departments to change a host of names like “convict” and “felon” to less “dehumanizing” terms. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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