Washington — Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed President Trump’s State of the Union address and defended ripping up a copy of the speech, saying his remarks were more reflective of “his state of mind” than the actual state of the country. Pelosi spoke to reporters at the Capitol the day after the Senate voted to acquit the president on two articles of impeachment.

On Thursday, Pelosi accused Mr. Trump of insulting Congress and disrespecting the House chamber.

“As you know, this week we had the State of the Union. As required by the Constitution of the United States, the president is to submit in writing or in person his statement of the state of the union,” Pelosi said. “What happened instead was the president using the Congress of the United States as the backdrop for a reality show, presenting a state of mind that had no contact with reality whatsoever.”

This is an excerpt from CBS News The video follows:

“I don’t know if the president understands about prayer or people who pray. I pray for the United States of America, I pray for him, I pray for President Bush still, President Obama … because it’s a heavy responsibility … I pray hard for him because he’s so off the track of our Constitution, our values, our country. … He really needs our prayers. So he can say whatever he wants, but I do pray for him and I do so sincerely and without anguish, gently, that’s the way I pray for everybody else.” – Nancy Pelosi

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