In speaking with reporters on Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledged that the GOP presidential nomination process could “result in a convention fight” this summer. In comments to the Washington Examiner, Ryan also took a swipe at front-runner Donald Trump for comments Trump made concerning the fallout from trying to oust him as the nominee.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Ryan said, “We are getting our minds around the idea that this could very well become a reality.”

Ryan, in his role as speaker, also serves as the Republican National Convention chairman. He would play a key role overseeing the convention if candidates Trump, Ted Cruz, or John Kasich are unable to garner the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. If no candidate reaches the number, the decision would be left up to convention delegates.

Ryan said Republicans now see “that this is more likely to become an open convention than before.”

Ryan criticized Trump for warning “I think you’d have riots,” if he is not chosen at the convention, which takes place in Cleveland in July.

“Nobody should say such things in my opinion,” Ryan said. “To even address or even hint at violence is unacceptable.”

Read the full story at the Washington Examiner.

Sounds a little bit more than vague, doesn’t it? If they truly didn’t want a convention fight, then how about these establishment folks putting some pressure on John Kasich to drop out? Kasich has no mathematical chance of winning, and yet, no Republican leader is calling for him to step aside. They want a brokered convention, so that some establishment moderate can be the nominee. And we all know where that gets us.

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