The latest study of American campuses shows that nearly 40 percent of the colleges surveyed did not have even one professor on their faculty who identified as Republican – confirming that liberal indoctrination in classroom politics is no myth.

In recently released research conducted by National Association of Scholars’ (NAS) Mitchell Langbert of Brooklyn College, 8,688 fulltime professors with Ph.D.’s from a sample of 51 of the 60 top-ranked liberal arts colleges – as ranked by a 2017 U.S. News report – were surveyed, and overall results reveal that for every 10 professors who register as Democrat, there is only one registered Republican professor.

“The political registration of full-time, Ph.D.-holding professors in top-tier liberal arts colleges is overwhelmingly Democratic,” Langbert divulged in his NAS article. “Indeed, faculty political affiliations at 39 percent of the colleges in my sample are Republican free – having zero Republicans.”

Drowning in blue on campus

And this overwhelmingly leftist campus trend was not only found in the more liberal half of the participating colleges.

“The political registration in most of the remaining 61 percent – with a few important exceptions – is slightly more than zero percent, but, nevertheless, absurdly skewed against Republican affiliation and in favor of Democratic affiliation,” Langbert added. “Thus, 78.2 percent of the academic departments in my sample have either zero Republicans – or so few as to make no difference.”

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Nearly 60 percent (5,197) of the entire sampling registered as either Republican or Democrat, with results showing that the mean Democratic-to-Republican ratio (D:R) is more than 10 to 1 (10.4:1), and when excluding two relatively conservative military colleges – West Point and Annapolis – the ratio is even more daunting, at nearly 13 to 1 (12.7:1).

“Obviously, there’s going to be a significantly larger percentage of conservatives among those who answer the call to service – and how you define West Point or Annapolis as a ‘liberal arts school’ is something of a mystery to begin with,” Langbert pointed out. “But as for the rest of the schools, that’s a bigger gap than even I had imagined, [as] nearly eight out of 10 of these colleges either have zero Republicans in their faculty or a number so small as to be statistically insignificant – and even the schools with a measurable number of Republicans still find them being vastly outnumbered.”

Conservative personality Glenn Beck gave his take on one key shocking statistic from the study coming out American universities – stressing that it proves why the United States has such a huge media bias problem.

“The field with the scariest liberal-to-conservative ratio shouldn’t be a surprise at all,” Beck asserted in a report published on TheBlaze. “Out of nearly 9,000 professors and 51 of the top-rated schools, the number of Democrat to Republican communications facility members … is 108 to zero.”

American universities have been erroneously dubbed over the years as being the “marketplace of ideas,” but the latest research indicates that a more accurate tagline should label them as the “marketplace of liberal indoctrination.”

Telling students what to think … not how to think

After analyzing Langbert’s numbers, it was concluded by George Mason University Economics professor Walter E. Williams, Ph.D., that there is a major problem going on behind closed doors in American college classrooms.

“Many professors spend class time indoctrinating students with their views,” Williams impressed in his article posted on Creators Syndicate. “For faculty members who are Democrats, those views can be described as leftist, socialist or communist.”

He lamented over the liberal bullying going on in classrooms while gullible and impressionable students listen to the leftist worldview – once any conservative influence by their parents at home is no longer an obstacle for total indoctrination.

“It is a cowardly act for a professor to take advantage of student immaturity by indoctrinating pupils with his opinions before the students have developed the maturity and skill to examine other opinions,” the professor insisted. “It is also dereliction of duty of college administrators and boards of trustees to permit the continuance of what some professors and students are doing in the name of higher education.”

Reflecting further on the research, Williams went on to point out that the liberal bent at U.S. universities is not representative of America beyond the campus gates.

“Langbert’s findings suggest biases in college research and academic policy, where leftist political homogeneity is embedded in the college culture,” the academic expert noted. “The leftist bias at most of the nation’s colleges is in stark contrast to the political leanings of our nation.”

He pointed out that figures coming from one of the most recognized research groups in the nation corroborates that traditional values are still dominant in America.

“According to a number of Pew Research Center surveys, most Americans identify as conservative,” Williams stressed. “These Americans are seeing their tax dollars and tuition dollars going to people who have contempt for their values and seek to indoctrinate their children with leftist ideas.”

Dems scheming while conservatives sleeping?

The conversion of America’s youth generation to the blue side should come as no mystery to conservatives, but it is contended that the liberalism eventually wears off – after decades.

“Sadly, despite the broad swath of the country away from the coasts where conservative views are more dominant, this is one area where Republicans and conservatives have failed to make any inroads – and it’s not a trivial matter,” Hotair reported. “It’s true that many people emerge from four years of college and 100-percent immersion in liberal doctrine with a decidedly leftward worldview, but later go on to slowly grow more conservative. This usually happens when they wind up having to begin paying their own bills (and taxes), are faced with raising children or try to purchase a home, but that process can take decades, and obviously, they don’t all make the journey.”

Regardless of their eventual return home to conservatism – regarding values and political issues – it is contended that the landslide of liberalism entering the workforce every year is tearing the nation apart at its seams.

“Allowing nearly all of the schools to be conducting this sort of liberal indoctrination program and supporting an agenda where any opposing views are shouted down leaves us with one generation after another of young workers – and voters – who are still tilted in the direction of socialism,” Hotair’s Jazz Shaw argued. “It’s a dangerous situation and flies in the face of what true education should be about.”

He insists neutral teaching that allows students to make their own conclusions is the true essence education – not force-feeding them heated liberal rants attacking one political party as intellectually and ethically superior than the other.

“Spirited debate and exposure to both sides of each fundamental question would produce a more thoughtful generation of graduates,” Shaw impressed. “How we make any inroads in that area remains a mystery – as long as the numbers are as horrid as Langbert found in his analysis.”


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