Parents are demanding a Virginia superintendent and school board resign following allegations they lied and tried to cover up the sexual assault of a female student earlier this year.

Furious parents called for the resignations as they protested at the Loudoun County school board meeting on Tuesday night — a day after a 15-year-old boy was found guilty of sexually assaulting the girl in a female bathroom at Stone Bridge High School.

The parents have accused Superintendent Scott Ziegler of lying about his knowledge of the assault, which occurred in May, after an email surfaced last week that contradicted comments he made at a school board meeting where he denied any bathroom assaults had occurred, Fox News reports.
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Loudoun County parents demand superintendent and school board members resign over ‘cover-up’ of sexual assault in order to ‘push school’s pro-transgender policies’

Parents have demanded that a Virginia superintendent and school board resign after accusing them of lying to cover up an alleged sexual assault in order to push their pro-transgender policies.

At a Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) board meeting on Tuesday enraged parents cited an email that surfaced last week where Superintendent Scott Ziegler reported an alleged sexual assault in the girls’ bathroom.

The email, which was sent on May 28, 2021, contradicted a statement Ziegler made the month before when he publicly said that he had no record of bathroom assaults.
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Loudoun County students walk out of class in protest after sex assault

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