All the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates want to do is punch on President Trump.

They’re all in the ring.

See the long line.

Kamala Harris, the black American whose heritage is Tamil Indian and Jamaican. (The previous was corrected from the original “American Indian” written by the columnist.)

Elizabeth Warren, the American Indian who isn’t Indian.

Joe Biden, the integrationist who associated with segregationists.

Elsewhere around the globe, everyone’s looking at America through a biased and cynical lens.

Late-night TV talk shows used to be funny, “entertainment” to look forward to. But weeknight after weeknight, you might as well search for a rerun of Dave Chappelle or Lucy and Ethel. At least their outrageous comedic antics will lead to a few chuckles.

The late takes of the late shows are as painfully biased as the daytime news shows.

There’s little about America — the America where culture was always a current event.

Sure, there was war, hostility, bias, discrimination and machismo, economic decline and bad schooling, and there still is.

But Americans dreamed, and we believed it wasn’t an impossible dream.

We dreamed each generation would be better off.

We worked hard to ensure the next generation would be better off, too.

The “Greatest Generation” sent our fathers and grandfathers, uncles and sons, brothers and male cousins off to World War II. Women and girls took up the slack in jobs on the home front, doing double and triple time where necessary.

These days, American voters are being goaded by the Democrats into believing there are but two political parties — theirs on the left and Republicans on the right.

The Democrats are anti-Trump, they’re scared to tell wannabe Americans that we drive on the right.

We walk on the right.

When entering double doors, we usually enter on the right.

When exiting, we usually exit on the right.

The Democrats are acting as though they had a nervous breakdown after waking up after the 2016 to learn that Hillary Clinton had lost.

So now, instead of saying “Thank You, Americans, for voting,” they’re telling wannabe Americans, “You’re welcome.”

Members of the media, including social media, are following the politicians in blue. Theirs is a remarkable display of disrespect to our ancestors.

Indeed, why should Kim Jong-un respect America if Americans don’t?

Why should immigrants respect our sovereignty when politicians don’t?

Why should the likes of Stephen Colbert, George Soros and antifa respect the birth of the United States of America when politicians don’t?

The anti-this and anti-that movements are tsking and tasking for what? To get in the ring with Donald Trump.

Well, allow this: Who’s the referee? Barack Obama? Jimmy Carter? Jesse Jackson? The Rev. Al Sharpton? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

AOC is too young, and the others have too much, ahem, gray hair.

America is graying, too, thanks to our ancestors and God, and our 243rd birthday is Thursday — and know what? If you don’t want to celebrate, don’t.

I’ll just remind you of what of the trouble we’re in by paraphrasing Aretha: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what that means in America.

⦁ Deborah Simmons can be contacted at [email protected].

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