President Trump told ABC News that he’d probably take political dirt on an opponent even from a Russian or Chinese source, and members of the media are freaking out. But wait… that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton did, right? Ilhan Omar is making news again… and again it’s for the wrong reasons. Joe Biden says he’ll cure cancer and more big news for Gibson’s Bakery.

The media are in an uproar, because President Trump said he’d “probably look at” opposition research on an opponent, even it it came from a foreign source. That’s not against the law, abut it is certainly against the media’s double standard.

Hillary Clinton’s famous dossier on President Trump was compiled by a former British spy who used Russian officials as sources. She ACTUALLY did it. Trump was talking about a hypothetical scenario, but that doesn’t matter to the media.

Ilhan Omar is in trouble again. This time, it’s not anti-America tweets or statements. This time, she’s in trouble with the IRS. Even her home state is getting tired of her. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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