I don’t know how many parents out there can relate to this story, but I bet it’s quite a few. A daughter was angry with your parents for having to do chores. She airs her displeasure with her parents by posting an angry, profanity-laced commentary on her Facebook wall. She also blocks her parents from seeing the posting. However, her dad (knowing computers) sees the posting and decides to read it… to the entire country via YouTube. Then, he shoots his daughter’s laptop with his gun. Check this out!

In summary, once the father discovered his daughter’s actions, he put a chair in the lawn, turned on his video camera, and began making his YouTube video. He began by reading the girl’s posting to the audience.

Please note the the YouTube video contains profanity… some from the father, but most comes from the daughter’s writings.

Once he’s done reading, he let’s the audience know that she is not only grounded, but that when she wants a new laptop, she will have to buy it herself. The dad then empties the clip of his .45 into the laptop! See for yourself…

So what do you think? Is this even real? You can read the father’s Facebook posting about the incident here.

I can tell you from experience that my daughter has posted items before that she didn’t want her parents to see. Isn’t it strange that something that leads to a child blocking the post from her parents is ok to distribute to hundreds of Facebook “friends?”

Oh… one note to parents… When you decide to ground your teen from Facebook, and you change your son’s or daughter’s password so they can’t log in, also make sure to change the e-mail address. One click of the “I forgot my password” button, and he or she could be back in business. 🙂

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