An evangelical pastor and two members of the transgender community are teaming up to offer solutions to their local Pennsylvania school district for its bathroom dilemma.

They don’t agree on theology – and they don’t really agree on sexuality. But both Pastor Michael Anthony of Grace Fellowship Church in York, Pennsylvania, along with “Felicia” and the head of the group Transology – who asked that we not use his name – agree on what should happen in their local schools.

“I think the school board should have a separate shower for the transgendered individuals … because the genetic boys and girls should not have to deal with any of this,” says Felicia. “We want to protect our kids.”

Felicia stresses the protection needs to be from predatory men who want to prey on children. The head of Transology agrees.

“They’re acting like they’re transgender when they’re actually perverts dressing in women’s clothing and vice-versa to get into your bathrooms to be with children – and that’s not what transgender people are,” says the group spokesperson. “We don’t do that.”

He says President Obama is only making things worse by issuing threats to local schools. “He’s causing problems for children if this goes through and continues because it’s going to allow mixed genders into children’s showers and locker rooms, which isn’t really a good idea.”

Pastor Michael Anthony is somewhat amazed that the three can find common ground on this issue.

“We very well may disagree theologically … and morally on the issue in terms of sexuality and sexual identity,” says the pastor. “The thing that we have common ground upon is that we are concerned about the state of the Republic.”

Indeed, Anthony expresses his concern for the country in a column posted earlier this month in which he calls for widespread civil disobedience in response to the president’s edict. “Our nation is being destroyed by a lack of humble courage from the overwhelming majority,” he writes. “This majority needs to arise. Not in some distant time in the future. That time is upon us, today.” (See related video below from FOX 43 in York, PA)

The trio plans on appearing together at next month’s school board meeting and advocating for separate facilities for transgender students.

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