He just had to go and do it. The verdict is in. The jury has spoken. George Zimmerman was found not guilty. Can’t we just move on? Apparently not. In a speech on Friday, Barack Obama went before the cameras and spoke about Trayvon Martin, racial tensions, and “stand your ground laws.” Rather than helping the situation, all Obama did (just like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton) is fuel another racial fire that he and the media continue to ignite.

First let me say that I’m so tired of hearing about this case. The jury felt (as most of us did) that George Zimmerman was fearful for his life… that he acted in self defense when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. So why can’t people move on?

Did Zimmerman have a racial bias when he was being beaten. Does it matter if he did? The fact of the matter is that if ANY person were attacking him, beating him, and causing him to fear for his life, that person would likely have been shot. And yet, all we hear from Obama, the media, and so-called “civil rights” leaders is that there needs to be “justice” for Trayvon. It’s tragic that the boy was killed, but what “justice” are they looking for? To punish an innocent man?

I cringe whenever Obama talks about race, and perhaps it’s because he has the some tone and themes every time. He and Sharpton and Jackson are all about excuses. They never come out and say directly that bad behavior in blacks is excusable, but they sure do imply it.

Remember when Obama spoke out on the arrest of his friend, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates? Police were called to the home of Gates after a woman reported a possible burglary at the home. Police questioned Gates. After failing to produce an ID at the request of police and then becoming confrontational, Gates was arrested. The police officers are white. Gates is black.

When Obama spoke on the issue, he acknowledged, “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played.” So, he admits he didn’t know the facts, and yet he goes on to say that the police “acted stupidly.” Could it be that Gates was acting like a jerk, just like the police said he was?

So now we fast forward, and Obama is talking about Trayvon Martin.

Obama’s full comments are below, but the entire speech was one that does nothing to ease racial tensions. It only makes things worse. First, Obama is coming out against “stand your ground” laws. So, according to Obama and his allies, what is a person supposed to do when they are pushed to the brink… when they feel their life is endangered? Just lie there and die???

One of the main reasons racial tensions are at the level they are is because if they truly eased, Obama, Shaprton, and Jackson would have one less thing to talk about. Sharpton and Jackson would be out of a job, and Obama would have to focus on other things like messing up the economy, adding more debt, and creating even more government.

Obama said Trayvon Martin could have been him thirty-five years ago. Was Obama doing drugs back then? Well… yes, actually. Was Obama going around in a hoodie and beating up people? I don’t think so. Trayvon Martin’s death is certainly sad, but Obama wants America to believe that Martin had nothing to do with it…. that his actions are irrelevant and that any action on his part was spurred on by “society.”

I’m sorry, but Obama is wrong. No one, no matter what race or ethnicity, is allowed to use that race or ethnicity as a free pass for bad behavior. Actions come with consequences, and when all people are held accountable, then we can finally start to move on from all of this.



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