There are many organizations which market themselves as the conservative alternative to AARP. And why not? We all know AARP has failed seniors and has given in to a left-wing agenda. But are the alternatives any better?

There is one that stands out above the others. In fact, any comparison is not even close. The Proud Americans is the only group that is truly committed to its membership, providing the services seniors want and need, and also providing for people of all age groups. The organization and I share common conservative principles, and a membership in The Proud Americans helps them fight for the conservative cause.

Whether it’s insurance or travel or food, The Proud Americans is THE place to go. Just one use of their wide-ranging discounts more than pays for the annual membership.

I am proud to be associated with this group, and I’m honored that GOPUSA stands as one of their partners. The leadership of this organization is top notch, conservative, and honorable. It is my pleasure to part of this team, and I encourage all of you to visit them and sign up today.

Click here to check out The Proud Americans web site

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