It’s so pleasantly surprising to see someone in political office actually tell it like it is. Usually, ask a politician a question, and all you get is a canned response. Ask, “what do you think of that person?” and you KNOW what the answer will be: “Oh, he’s great.” or “Oh, she’s great.” Blah, blah. But New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a different story, and at a campaign rally for Mitt Romney, Christie took on the senseless “Occupy” protestors with style.

As noted at, during the Romney rally while Gov. Christie was speaking, an “Occupy” protestor shouted “Mitt kills jobs! Christie kills jobs!” Here is how Christie responded:

There’s something fun about “the facts.” The protestor can yell and scream and shout and try to ignore the facts, but they are facts, and they are shout-proof.

So… what do you think the response would be from the protestor to the fact that 60,000 private sector jobs were created under Christie so far? Ummmm…. errrr… Those must be the wrong kind of jobs, right? Maybe if the protestor weren’t camping out in a park somewhere, he or she could fill out an application and get one!

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