The Democratic polls pitching ahead to the 2024 presidential race are popping for anyone but President Biden.

The usually loyal CNN posted a survey Tuesday stating 32% of Democrats don’t want Biden to be re-elected; 24% worry a Republican will thump him, and 19% see other reasons he should retire.

A University of New Hampshire survey out this week places Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg one point ahead of Biden 17% to 16% in a mock race for the Oval Office — basically, a statistical dead heat.

Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is next at 10%, with California Gov. Gavin Newsom in her rear-view mirror at 9%, the UNH poll shows.

“President Biden is increasingly seen as an electoral liability for Democrats, both in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election,” said Andrew Smith, director of the UNH Survey Center. A whopping 74% of Democrats surveyed don’t want Biden to run again, Smith adds in a release.

Support for Biden has dropped like a rock as inflation eats away at family budgets — Biden enjoyed 74% support in the Granite State a year ago, 54% in June and now 31%, the UNH poll shows.

“Most Americans are discontented with the state of the country and the economy,” the CNN survey adds. “The Biden administration is struggling to get a handle on inflation that has risen to 40-year highs and left millions of Americans struggling with high prices of essentials like food, housing and gas.”

It’s not looking good for the incumbent.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by a hefty three-quarters of a point for a second straight time in its most aggressive drive in more than three decades to tame high inflation.

Higher mortgage rates are cooling home sales and credit card rates could also soon climb.

A Real Clear Politics average places Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 37%.

There’s still time for him to rebound — or tumble further down the hill.

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