The Washington Post is warning America that only a decisive win for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will prevent catastrophic violence and utter mayhem across the nation.

Appealing to the same scare tactics used to frighten the world to jump on board with environmental alarmists to battle so-called climate change, Georgetown University professor Rosa Brooks – cofounder of the Transition Integrity Project – and her leftwing activist group contemplated war games by laying out “the four most likely scenarios” for the 2020 Presidential Election results.

“President Trump has broken countless norms and ignored countless laws during his time in office, and … my colleagues and I at the Transition Integrity Project … realized that identifying the most serious risks to our democracy might be the best way to avert a November disaster,” Parks wrote in her WaPo column. “So we built a series of war games, sought out some of the most accomplished Republicans, Democrats, civil servants, media experts, pollsters and strategists around, and asked them to imagine what they’d do in a range of election and transition scenarios.”

Vote for Biden or prepare for trouble …

Parks shared the four results contemplated by her radical anti-Trump thinktank, including: 1) a narrow Biden win; 2) a big Biden win – with a decisive lead in both the electoral college and the popular vote; 3) a Trump win with an electoral college lead, but a large popular vote loss – as in 2016 and; 4) finally, a period of extended uncertainty as we saw in the 2000 election.”

Then a dire warning – resembling a threat – followed, indicating that a vote for Trump was inviting or asking for widespread trouble and pandemonium … if votes for the Republican incumbent results in a win for a second term.

“A landslide for Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power,” the Georgetown scholar shared from her group’s synopsis. “Every other scenario we looked at involved street-level violence and political crisis.”

Consisting of far-left Democratic leaders, including former Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Mich.), along with NeverTrumper Republicans such as former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Stelle and conservative commentator Bill Kristol, the Transition Integrity Project is giving every indication it is looking to scare voters away from the polls – or into casting a ballot for Biden out of fear.

A description of those predicting the violence and of those carrying it out was outlined by the conservative media.

“What do all these people have in common? They hate Trump, and they assume the worst about him,” The Western Journal explained. “The people engaging in violence right now are left-wingers like Black Lives Matter activists and members of Antifa.”

It was then implied that Trump is a militant dictator who will not leave the White House if he loses.

“The Washington Post painted a hypothetical in which Trump refuses to step down, citing his refusal to say whether he’ll honor the election results,” the Western Journal noted. “Instead of holing himself up in the White House as The Post suggested, however, Trump has simply said he may have to challenge the outcome legally.”

It was indicated that the liberal daily and fellow Democrats are guilty of transference – blaming someone else for something of which they are guilty.

“Bottom of FormTop of FormBottom of FormRemember the 2000 election? Al Gore conceded and then pulled back his concession to George W. Bush, and a legal battle ensued,” the Journal added. “Hillary Clinton has yet to accept the 2016 election results – consistently casting doubt on Trump’s win, [while] the Obama administration foisted Russiagate on the country.”

Mail-in ballots – an election the Democrats’ way …

Even more than the threatened violence, what has many Republicans fearful before the November election is the Democratic Party’s demanding of widespread mail-in ballots – a process that is flawed and best … and outright illegal and election-turning at worst.

In the face of Democratic leaders’ insistence that mail-in voting does not increase fraud, inaccuracy and botched or delayed outcomes, recent results were marred by the problematic process in both New Jersey and New York elections earlier this spring and summer.

While a complete redo of an election was ordered by the a judge due to the fraudulent mail-in ballots in New Jersey, more than one in five mail-in ballots were thrown out in New York City for the June state primary – and winners in three races were not declared by election officials until after they weeded out fraudulent ballots received by mail.

Even the far-left New York Times reported on the fiasco incurred by widespread mail-in voting, citing how election officials were “trading blame over the mishandling of tens of thousands of mail-in ballots.”

“Election officials in New York City widely distributed mail-in ballots for the primary on June 23, which featured dozens of hard-fought races,” the New York Times reported in its article titled, “Why the Botched N.Y.C. Primary Has Become the November Nightmare.” “The officials had hoped to make voting much easier, but they did not seem prepared for the response: more than 10 times the number of absentee ballots received in recent elections in the city.”

Reflecting Trump’s trepidations about automatically mailing out ballots to all registered voters on rolls – regardless of whether or not they are requested – U.S. Attorney General William Barr expressed concern that America has never administered the widespread use of mail-in ballots being pushed by Democrats – as the usual practice is to send out ballots to a limited number of absentee voters upon request.

“This is playing with fire,” Barr told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday. “We’re a very closely divided country here, and people have to have confidence in the results of the election and the legitimacy of the government, and people trying to change the rules to this methodology, which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion, is reckless and dangerous. Do you think that’s a way to run a vote?”

Flawed elections have been reported nationwide, including on the West Coast last year, when KNBC-TV reported that a lawsuit filed by the Election Integrity Project of the conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, spurred California to remove up to 1.5 million inactive voters from its rolls after it revealed that the number of individuals registered to vote in Los Angeles County represented 112% of all adults living in the county.

Besides California, fraudulently set up elections have been revealed from coast to coast – making adding additional non-requested mail-in ballots to the existing flawed voting system like pouring gas on the fire.

“Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said at the time that there are 3.5 million more names on various county rolls across the nation than there are eligible voters,” the Western Journal noted. “Conservative commentator Deroy Murdock – using Judicial Watch data – calculated following the 2016 election that there were 462 counties across the U.S. in which voter registration exceeded 100% of the adult population.”


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