The fact that Hillary Clinton is corrupt is nothing new. What continues to emerge from research and actual journalism is the depths of the corruption. As secretary of State, Clinton disregarded all manner of ethics and lawfulness by essentially putting her department up to the highest bidder.

Here’s the latest from the Washington Times:

Messages involving the then-chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and a top Clinton Foundation official and donor are among the dozens of new email exchanges from Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state released on Tuesday by a watchdog group.

One message from Stephen Roach, then-chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, to Mrs. Clinton provides his upcoming early 2009 testimony before Congress on the U.S.-China economic relationship.

Mrs. Clinton thanked Mr. Roach for sending it along and said she would ask her staff about maybe connecting in Beijing, later asking top aide Huma Abedin about that possibility.

Read the full story at the Washington Times

Here’s more from the NY Post:

Hillary Clinton put the State Department up for sale, with top aides pulling strings and doing favors for fat-cat donors to the Clinton Foundation — including a shady billionaire, according to smoking-gun emails released Tuesday.

The stunning revelations include how wealthy contributors seeking influence or prestigious government gigs could fork over piles of cash to get access to Clinton’s inner circle, including top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.

Read more at the NY Post

Judicial Watch today released 10 pages of new State Department records that include an email sent by State Department spokesman Brock Johnson alerting Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s then Chief of Staff, that a “significant” Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request had been made for records showing the number of email accounts used by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Read more at Judicial Watch

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