Members of the New York City Council and Board of Health voted to add a third gender category to birth certificates — “X” — beginning in 2019.

With a stroke of a pen, confusion prevails.

Male, female, whatever. The vote means anyone can self-identify as anything, no doctor’s note needed. This isn’t just a minor political shift, a slight cultural change. This is a rebellion against absolutes, a total shuttering of truths, a complete disregard for DNA — an utter abomination against God.

“Today is a historic day for New York in its role as a worldwide champion for inclusivity and equality,” Corey Johnson, speaker for the City Council, told NBC News. “I especially want to thank the LGBTQ community for their advocacy and work on this issue to keep New York City in its rightful place as a leader in human rights.”

Not exactly; Oregon, California and Washington already provide a box on birth certificates for the politically incorrect equivalent of “whatever.” The Big Apple is a bit late to the game in that respect.

Maine, Oregon and Washington, D.C., meanwhile, already allow residents to self-identify as no gender on their driver’s licenses, as well.

It’s high time to stop the confusion, halt the madness. It’s way past the hour when the adults of the country, when those who aren’t suffering from the sickness of mind that marks the gender-neutral movers and shakers, need to step in and say enough’s enough.

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This “pick your own gender” movement being pushed by the morally bankrupt left and the very special interest LGBTQ sector is a government-sponsored form of abuse on the children of society. It’s one thing to challenge long-standing concepts of “maleness” versus “femaleness” in ways that open societal doors to both genders, equally.

It’s one thing to insist, for example, that females can perform previously deemed masculine jobs, like firefighting, or engaging in military conflict.

It’s one thing to question traditional male-female roles and bust out hypocrisies and curiosities — like wondering aloud why cooking for one’s family was historically woman’s work but cooking for strangers in a restaurant as a chef was simultaneously considered man’s domain.

Those are helpful, non-hurtful, sometimes even humorous discussions that can often lead to beneficial civil rights changes.

But outright denying differences between the sexes — particularly the anatomical and DNA differences that are decided and affixed by God at conception — is dangerous and deceptive.

Raising the next generation to believe that a person’s sex is little more than a check mark on a birth certificate or driver’s license form is nothing but a lie, and it’s a lie that simply sets the stage for the minds of youngest and most vulnerable of society, the children, to grow and develop in a foggy state of confusion. After all, if one can’t even self-identify as a girl versus boy, a male versus female — if one can’t even start with that basic awareness in life — what absolutes exist?

And therein lies the evil goal of this whole movement.

Progressives, leftists, would like nothing more than to do away with absolutes, with traditional values, with long-standing understandings of rights versus wrongs, goods versus bads, biblical versus unbiblical. Once those walls crumble, anything goes. Standards go out the window.

The left likes to call that freedom.

But what such a scenario really brings is chaos, anarchy and ultimately, the collapse of society. And what a collapse of society brings for progressives is the opportunity to control, to reign and to rule, to run a country where right is wrong and evil is good and those who try to speak of tradition and values and godly principles are drummed out as intolerant.

The LGBTQ gender neutral movement isn’t so much about going gender neutral as it is about turning society on its head and making the normal into abnormal.

After all, a society that can’t even recognize a difference between male and female is a society that refuses to recognize differences between right and wrong.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

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