A conservative think tank is calling to task the CEO of Amazon for being overtly political and alienating potentially half of his company’s customer base that supports Donald Trump.

The recent annual meeting of Amazon.com investors turned political as a representative of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project questioned CEO Jeff Bezos over his company’s strong opposition to President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and travel.

Justin Danhof, the director of the Free Enterprise Project, points out that Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post, which he says is no friend of the president.

“… On a daily basis [the Post] trashes the president in an extremely biased manner – and the president has himself made note of that multiple times,” notes Danhof. “And then Amazon, a publicly traded company, [similarly] decides to take a very anti-Trump position.”

Danhof questions why Bezos thinks it’s okay to alienate half of his potential customer base.

“Amazon doesn’t just operate in East and West Coast liberal elite cities,” he points out. “They are a massive seller to the American public – and so it makes no business sense for a company to take overtly political action.”

Danhof says Amazon could face the same economic problems another West Coast company faced when it became too politically correct.

“On this exact issue of immigration, Business Insider reported that Starbucks, for example – another liberal elitist company – that their brand had taken a substantial beating when they came out against Trump’s executive order on immigration,” he shares.

“We don’t have any polling on it right now but certainly Amazon could expect a similar result.”

He suggests that anyone offended by Bezos’ anti-Trump bias should vote with their wallets, and then the market will reflect their impact on Amazon’s bottom line.


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