The Federal Election Commission has cleared social media giant Twitter of allegations it affected the 2020 election when it blocked a blockbuster news story about Hunter Biden just weeks before Election Day.

In a ruling just made public, the FEC said Twitter did not interfere with the 2020 presidential election when it censored a New York Post story about the contents found on Biden’s abandoned laptop, which had been left behind at a repair shop.

Twitter blocked users from linking to the bombshell story, which in just one example of the exclusive story described how Hunter Biden connected a top Burisma executive with his father, who was vice president at the time and oversaw foreign affairs in China and Ukraine.

Other information pulled from the laptop built a case that the Biden family, including the current president, enriched itself with lucrative business deals in China, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. One key email referred to payment for “The Big Guy,” who was confirmed by whistle-blowing business associate Tony Bobulinski to be Joe Biden.

Dan Gainor of MRC TechWatch says he was stunned by what he calls an “insane” FEC ruling.

“So you’ve got the top social media company actively involved in restricting information for an election,” he points out. “And that’s not an election violation?”

The FEC ruled that Twitter acted out of corporate interests, not political, which is a laughable claim to conservative users who witness censorship of right-wing content, and purging of followers, by unseen and influential corporate forces working at Twitter.

Gainor says the claim that politics is not involved is laughable considering Twitter and other social media companies are still blocking former President Trump from using their websites to communicate.

“They’ve neutralized him. He’s down to having proxies post comments on social media or giving interviews to other outlets,” Gainor says. “But the major media and Big Tech combined to censor. They did it while he was president — censored the president of the United States — and have no motivation, now, to ever let him back on.”

The FEC ruling will embolden other Big Tech companies to continue to block and censor conservative content, Gainor predicts.


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