Three words that are bound to get President Trump’s blood boiling: Senator Mitt Romney.

The former Massachusetts governor, who has become a frequent nemesis of Trump, is reportedly planning to run for the U.S. Senate in Utah in 2018 if Republican incumbent Orrin Hatch decides to retire.

Mitt would be a heavy favorite in his current home state and there’s one good reason Romney should run: Republicans need a savvy and effective counterpoint to Trump — whether it’s negotiating with the president or telling him when he’s wrong. Mitch McConnell isn’t cutting it.

“There could be a market for sanity in 2018,” said former Romney adviser Patrick Griffin. “I still believe the Romney brand is strong and formidable … someone who could speak in stark contrast to the current president.”

GOPUSA Editor’s Note: So much for “journalism.” This “reporter” clearly has a problem with Trump, and his “solution” is the exact kind of establishment Republican who Americans do NOT want.

Another former Romney aide, Ryan Williams, said he hasn’t talked to Romney about the Senate but believes the Utah race would be a good political opportunity for the 70-year-old former GOP presidential nominee to emerge from semi-retirement.

“I do know Gov. Romney is somebody who has a strong desire to serve the country,” Williams said. “So it wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to take another crack at elected office.”

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So why would Mitt even want to go to Washington as Utah’s junior senator? After all, he came pretty close to being president and is used to being a chief executive — not one of 100 votes.

“He’s the type of person who gets stuff done,” one former adviser said. “I just don’t see the Senate being a good place for him.”

But there is one important factor in favor of Romney running. It’s called going out a winner. Mitt lost not one but two presidential campaigns, and don’t forget his 1994 U.S. Senate race loss against Ted Kennedy.

Those defeats still have to sting. Winning a Senate seat would be a good way for him to redeem himself, and give him something productive to do in his 70s besides barefoot waterskiing.

Even as a freshman senator, Romney would become an instant leader in Washington, an elder statesman in a city full of grandstanding blowhards.

And Romney might relish being in a position to stand up to Trump when needed, or offer him critical support in Congress when the president needs lawmakers to get something done. Like replacing Obamacare. Romney obviously did Romneycare first in Massachusetts, and would be a key player in the battle over health care reform.

Romney is still a controversial figure in the GOP, especially among Trump voters who remember the former Bay State governor slamming Trump during the campaign. Steve Bannon might even decide to go after Romney in a Republican primary.

But most Republicans should be thrilled if Romney runs. A new Utah poll showed him beating the Democratic Senate candidate, Jenny Wilson, by a 64 to 26 percent margin. And that same poll showed Hatch losing to Wilson.

Washington needs a Romney. And even Trump might find that despite their differences, he needs him, too.


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