There is admiration and understanding for an Arizona congressman’s plan to challenge Rep. Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker but there are warnings, too, about a political party that must unify and fight a unified political enemy.

Back in November, immediately after the midterm elections, McCarthy arranged for a secret ballot vote among Republican lawmakers to secure the coveted and powerful Speaker’s post. His only opponent at the time was Rep. Andy Biggs, who lost in a 188-31 vote, but Biggs did not give up and is not giving up.

“Kevin McCarthy was created by, elevated by, and maintained by the establishment,” Biggs has said of his party’s House leader, who is widely expected to become Speaker when lawmakers convene and vote January 3.

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The next Speaker needs 218 votes to secure the post, and the GOP is expected to have 222 seats in the 435-seat chamber.

Reacting to the political fight, Washington Times columnist Robert Knight tells AFN the chance of Biggs defeating McCarthy is unlikely. So that means there is something happening behind the scenes, which Knight says is a good thing if it helps the country.

“I think what he’s trying to do is get leverage, and get some concessions, out of McCarthy that would please the conservative block in Congress. And if so, more power to him,” Knight says of Biggs. “But, at some point, the Republicans have to unify.”

Because the Democrats control the Senate and the White House, Knight explains, the Republican Party can’t be in “disarray” when the new year starts.

“So I hope they can overcome any divisions,” Knight says, “and get together.”

On the “Todd Starnes Show,” Washington Examiner reporter Sarah Westwood made similar comments this week. A “public brawl” over leadership is happening with a slimmer-than-expected majority, she said, which makes it difficult when a new Congress is seated and gets to work.

“They are divided on who should lead them in the House,” she said, “and that is not a good look for the GOP, to be honest.”


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