The head of a Minnesota-based messianic Jewish ministry is encouraged that many young people in the Gopher State understand the consequences of a Hillary Clinton election victory in Tuesday’s presidential election.

Recently, more than 77,000 high school students in grades 9 through 12 in 280 high schools across Minnesota took part in a mock presidential election.

Despite the fact that Minnesota is a solidly Blue state, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump received nearly 35 percent of the vote, compared to just under 33 percent for his Democratic rival, Clinton. The rest of the votes were scattered over seven other candidates and write-ins.

Olive Tree Ministries founder and director Jan Markell, whose nonprofit organization is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, believes that even young Minnesotans are realizing the severe consequences of a Clinton victory on Tuesday.

“We all know that there isn’t a conservative bone in Hillary Clinton’s body, that she’s going to continue on not only with the socialism, but I believe she’ll promote blatant communism,” Markell asserted. “I do think more and more people are waking up to this kind of evil.”

Markell also maintains that the number of Muslims living in Minnesota could be another wake-up call for people – including Christians.

“They are praying and fasting for this election, realizing if it goes the wrong way … if we get more socialism, communism and favoring Islam we’re done as a republic – we’re completely done,” the Christian leader stressed. “And I trust that more and more people are attuned to that — including some folks here.”

Markell argues that if the Minnesota high school student vote reflects the sentiments of parents and grandparents, there could be a surprise on Election Day.


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