After praising President Donald Trump for promoting a coronavirus treatment that ended up saving her life – and criticizing Michigan’s Democratic governor – Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Mich.) is facing censure from Detroit Democrats.

Experiencing critical symptoms such as shortness of breath after contracting COVID-19, the African American lawmaker requested her doctor to prescribe the drug hydroxychloroquine that she heard Trump recommend as viable treatment for the disease, and she soon recovered after taking it – crediting him later for saving her life.

Talking sense, not politics

Out of gratitude for the president, Whitsett paid him a visit at the White House and personally expressed how grateful she was for touting the treatment.

“[If it weren’t for you talking about the drug to the American people], I wouldn’t be here today,” Whitsett told Trump in the Cabinet Room on April 14, according to TheBlaze.

Instead of playing politics and pledging allegiance to the Democratic Party, the lawmaker appealed to reason and pledged allegiance to her constituents in Michigan – who she hopes will also benefit from the president’s advice.

“Thank you for everything that you have done,” Whitsett expressed to Trump during the meeting, as displayed on Facebook. “I did not know that saying thank you had a political line. … I’m telling my story and my truth, and this how I feel, and these are my words.”

The president embraced her words and support.

“Disgraceful. [Whitsett] should join the Republican Party!” Trump tweeted Thursday.

After the left-leaning mainstream media targeted the Democratic representative for crediting him for saving her life, the president addressed the partisan anti-Trump coverage.

“The Fake and totally corrupt News is after her as a means of getting to me,” Trump posted on Twitter Friday. “She’s smart and strong – knows the truth. Already a heroine to many!”

Calling out Democrats

Whitsett also called out Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) for looking past the needs of the black community through her prolonged lockdown of the state and just paying African Americans lip service, but the lawmaker is now paying the price

“[Whitsett] also dared to criticize Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, saying the governor’s widely criticized stay-at-home orders hurt the poor who cannot afford to stock up on groceries on a weekly basis in accordance with Whitmer’s dictates,” TheBlaze reported. “Now, the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization – of which Rep. Whitsett is a member – plans to censure her for her actions.”

The group’s chairman, Jonathan Kinloch – who served through March as the governor’s community liaison to southeast Michigan – condemned Whitsett’s actions, which will cost her the organization’s 2020 endorsement and preclude her from participating in its campaigns for the two upcoming election cycles.

“At the end of the day, we have political systems – we have political parties, and political parties exist for a reason,” Kinloch proclaimed, according to Detroit News. “[Endorsed candidates and elected officials] do not belong to themselves – they belong to the members and precinct delegates of the Democratic Party.”

Locally, Detroit-area Democratic political consultant and member of the 14th Congressional District’s executive board, Greg Bowens, made it clear that Whitsett’s decision to commend the president will not be tolerated.

“[Whitsett’s actions could be] undermining the party’s ability to win Michigan,” Bowens asserted, according to Detroit News. “She is in her own way trying to champion the inequities in our system, but everybody knows Trump’s a user. If you give him any praise, he’s going to use it in his campaign to win the state.”

Longtime political analyst, Bill Ballenger – a former Republican state lawmaker who currently heads the Ballenger Report – said the idea of blackballing a lawmaker for meeting with the president is “unheard of.”

“They obviously feel this is something that cannot be tolerated,” Ballenger observed, as reported by Detroit News.

Serving my people above my Party

Regardless of the backlash she incurred from the Democratic Party, Whitsett remains loyal to her constituents, insisting she will not stop serving her district – noting that she will continue to deliver food and cleaning products to needy community members during the coronavirus lockdown.

“I will continue to fight for the city of Detroit and the people in Detroit who need it the most, and that is the black community,” Whitsett stressed in the Detroit daily. “We’re the voiceless, and I don’t care who I got to go up against to do that.”

She reaffirmed her allegiance to the Democratic Party, but vowed that she would not allow it to strip away her freedom of speech guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

“I’m a Democrat, and I plan on continuing to be a Democrat, but they will change their ways,” Whitsett added. “I have my First Amendment right, and no one will take that away from me.”


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