During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, on Sunday, Ms Birx expressed frustration that the president’s comments about injecting disinfectant were still being panned and debated by media.

“It bothers me that this is still in the news cycle because I think we’re missing the bigger pieces of what we need to be doing as an American people to continue to protect one another,” she said.

Dr Birx added that she wants the US to “move on” and said that her top priority is “to get information to the American people that can help them protect each other and also help them understand how devastating this virus is to different age groups, and [its] different symptoms and different comorbidities”.

Excerpt from The Independent

The video in the following tweet has President Trump making his comments on UV light and disinfectants.

“I think the media is very slicey and dicey about how they put sentences together in order to create headlines. …We know for millennials in other studies that some people may only read the headlines. And if there’s not a graphic, they’re not going to look any further than that,” Dr. Birx on Watter’s World

The video below is Todd asking Birx if people are going to swallow bleach.

Here is the full interview.

Here is a link to a press release about UV light treatment for coronavirus patients.

“Our team has shown that administering a specific spectrum of UV-A light can eradicate viruses in infected human cells (including coronavirus) and bacteria in the area while preserving healthy cells,” stated Dr. Pimentel of Cedars-Sinai. Ali Rezaie, MD, one of the inventors of this technology states, “Our lab at Cedars-Sinai has extensively studied the effects of this unique technology on bacteria and viruses. Based on our findings we believe this therapeutic approach has the potential to significantly impact the high morbidity and mortality of coronavirus-infected patients and patients infected with other respiratory pathogens.

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