Some big things happened this weekend! Trump gained the upper hand by offering a compromise on the border wall; The march for life didn’t actually happen… if you believe the members of the media. Instead they turned their focus on terrorizing a group of high school kids by calling them racists in front of the whole county… a story that was proven to be FALSE.

In case you didn’t know, the March for Life was held on Friday in Washington, DC. I mention it, because as far as the media are concerned, it didn’t happen. The media were focused on the Women’s March, which by all accounts had very poor turnout compared to previous years. In fact, it’s hard to get an accurate picture or description on the crowd sized.

However, there was absolutely no doubt about the size of the March for Life. Hundreds of thousands showed up to the event, and it was captured on video. What WAS covered from that day was a FAKE news story that not only the left, but far too many conservatives and Republicans jumped on. It was the story of a class of Catholic students wearing MAGA hats who were supposedly harassing other people including a Native American veteran.

It’s appalling that this student had to address the media for something that was a non story. If anything, the media should be reporting on how these students were harassed and the dangers of rushing to judgement.

Also, this weekend, President Trump spoke to the American people and put an offer on the table regarding the ongoing government shutdown. He provided concessions on some of the items he has been against.

What do you think of Trump’s offer? Does he give away too much? Is it the right approach.

And what about the kids from Covington Catholic High School? It’s one thing for the media to constantly go after President Trump, but to go after high school kids is completely unprofessional and disgusting. What do you think? Please leave a comment below and post on YouTube as well.

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