Sen. John McCain was on CNN to discuss Donald Trump’s skipping of the Thursday evening GOP presidential primary debate. Trump, instead, will be hosting a charity event for veterans in Iowa. McCain told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he did not approve of Trump using a veterans event for “political purposes.” McCain also said that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is an “outstanding journalist.”

The Phoenix Business Journal quotes McCain as telling CNN that “the media, in search of television ratings and web hits, have allowed Trump to dominate the GOP race and their coverage.”

“That’s the destruction of free press as we know it,” McCain said of Trump refusing to appear at the debate because of his distrust of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

“They’ve basically given him a free pass,” McCain told Blitzer.

So, Sen. McCain… if Donald Trump now has a free night on his schedule, what’s he supposed to do with it? Is a charity event against the rules? Would any event held during the primary election cycle be considered a “political event?”

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