More than a quarter-million Texans are working towards getting their state to secede from the Union.

If Great Britain can leave the European Union, why can’t Texas leave the United States? That’s the question Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement is asking. After all, their quarrels are the same.

“[We] are absolutely tired of living under 180,000 pages of federal laws, rules, and regulations administered by 440 separate agencies and commissions and 2.5 million unelected federal bureaucrats,” he shares.

And he says in key areas like immigration, those laws, rules, and regulations contradict the will of Lone Star State voters. “We are sick and tired of passing laws here in Texas and having them overridden by these unelected federal bureaucrats,” adds Miller.

More than 286,000 Texans have pledged their support to vote for independence with Miller’s group – and according to a Reuters poll in 2014, half of Republicans, half of independents, and a third of Democrats do as well. He says that give them a four- to six-point lead in the polls with 16 percent undecided, if the vote were taken at the time of the poll.

But the Civil War was waged over states leaving the union. Is it legal?

“The Constitution is silent on that issue,” Miller responds, “which reserves that right to the people in the states via the Tenth Amendment.”

In 1869, during Reconstruction, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot secede. It’s a decision Miller says is full of holes – and he can’t wait to see it challenged.

“If the critics want to go to court over this, we’ll be more than happy to go in there and hand them a loss,” he tells OneNewsNow.


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