In the aftermath of the horror of the Charlottesville riot, there’s been less condemnation by the media and the left of the neo-Nazi that is charged with murdering Heather Heyer and injuring at least 19 others than there has been of President Trump.

Americans know full well the environment of hate and violence that identity politics has served us. It has manifested in many ways, including last year during a peaceful Black Lives Matter march in Dallas when an African-American military veteran murdered five police officers. Officials said the sniper was determined to kill as many white officers as possible.

In June, the nation was shocked with the attempted assassination of more than 20 Republican members of Congress. A deranged liberal political activist and Bernie Sanders supporter seriously injured Rep. Steve Scalise and wounded four others.

Now, despite the left and its media cohorts attempting to cast the riot as one-sided, neo-Nazis, the Klan and a Trump-hating anarchist group called “Antifa” gathered in Charlottesville with the intention of doing violence to each other. The end result was the killing of Ms. Heyer, and a related helicopter crash killing two Virginia State Police officers.

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Instead of addressing our increasingly toxic political and social environment, the answer for the media and the political class was to pour more gas on the fire.

Suddenly, Mr. Trump was responsible for the carnage, and even worse, the Nazis on-site in Charlottesville were his base (we’re told), ergo all Mr. Trump’s supporters are Nazis, too. The intent from the start was to conflate the president and all conservatives with white supremacy and the obscenity in Charlottesville.

Markos Moulitsas, a leftist activist, Democratic Party operative and co-founder of Vox media, has been cheering on this agenda, and made the new liberal narrative clear on Twitter: “NRA and American conservatives/Nazis are one and the same.”

Sen. Bernard Sanders tweeted, “Do I think the president bares [sic] some responsibility for what happened Charlottesville? Absolutely, yes.” He eventually deleted that and settled on, “The message President Trump sent out to racists and neo-Nazis all over the country this past weekend is this is okay.”

A strange approach for a man whose former campaign volunteer and supporter tried to assassinate Mr. Scalise and so many others. By Mr. Sanders’ logic, he bears personal responsibility for that heinous attack, as well.

In addition to the Jew-hating white supremacists in Charlottesville, there was a group called Antifa, a Trump-hating group of violent anarchists. They say they fight against “fascists.” What they do is destroy property, burn down buildings, attack people they don’t like and use urine bombs on the police and others.

In a piece titled “The Roots of Left Wing Violence,” the National Review explains, “Antifa have emerged as the militant fringe of #TheResistance against Donald Trump — who, they maintain, is a fascist, ushering into power a fascist regime. In Washington, D.C., Antifa spent the morning of Inauguration Day lighting trash cans on fire, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers, setting ablaze a limousine, and tossing chunks of pavement through the windows of several businesses. On February 1, Antifa set fires and stormed buildings at the University of California, Berkeley to prevent an appearance by Breitbart provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. (They succeeded.) In April, they threatened violence if Ann Coulter spoke on the campus; when the university and local law enforcement refused to find a secure location for her to speak, she withdrew, saying the situation was too dangerous.”

In June, Antifa attacked police in Portland, Oregon, as the police worked to keep white supremacists and Antifa fascists separated during a protest. Willamette Week reported, “Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman said today that riot cops pushed antifascist and anarchist protesters out of downtown parks June 4 after the protesters used slingshots to launch balloons filled with urine, feces and unknown chemicals into police ranks.” Other weapons seized included hammers, scissors and bricks.

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, an Antifa protester was arrested for allegedly stabbing a police horse in the neck with a flagpole. The anarchist was “with a group of Antifa demonstrators at the march when she attacked a police horse named Samson with a flagpole that had a silver nail attached at the top. [Lisa] Simon hit Samson in the side of the neck,” the Daily Caller reported. The horse recovered.

Because nothing says anti-fascist like throwing urine and feces at people and stabbing horses in the neck.

As the left and their media enablers work to smear every Trump supporter as a Nazi, the fact of the matter is this: Antifa no more represents the average liberal than neo-Nazis and the Klan represent conservatives, including those who support the president.

The concerted effort by the so-called “Resistance” to further divide this nation is disgusting and dangerous. By singularly focusing on such a craven goal of race hatred and suspicion, and conflating white supremacists with all Trump voters, they not only ignore the real issue of the danger of identity politics, they contribute to it.

• Tammy Bruce, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk show host.

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