Reflecting what one analyst calls “mass delusion on an epic scale,” liberals and homosexual rights advocates are actually trying to blame the horrific Orlando terror attack on Christians and Republicans.

Earlier this week, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi agreed to an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. She wanted to talk about scams that were circulating in the wake of the terrorist shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on Sunday.

Cooper agreed to talk about that – but when she got live on air, this is what he ambushed her with:

Cooper: “I talked to a lot of gay and lesbian people here yesterday who are not fans of yours and who said that they thought you were being a hypocrite.”

Why? Bondi defended Florida’s marriage amendment in federal court. Subsequent to the interview with Cooper, she told New York City’s 710 WOR there’s a time and a place for everything – and this wasn’t it:

Bondi: “The interview was supposed to be about helping victims’ families, not creating more anger and havoc and hatred yesterday.”

Then on Tuesday The New York Times published an editorial that conservative commentator Jonah Goldberg described as the “single dumbest editorial in the history” of the newspaper. In that editorial, they couldn’t figure out the motive of shooter Omar Mateen – even though he told multiple people he was motivated by his devotion to ISIS. Still, they assigned blame for the massacre to Republicans and their supposed hatred of gays.

The Federalist founder Sean Davis calls it the rankest form or partisan politics. “It shows us what ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ looks like in practice,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It’s mass delusion on an epic scale.”


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