A public school district will allow rap music to be played on buses but Christian music is still banned.

Some parents worked themselves into a tizzy when they found a letter to Portland Public School bus drivers saying they were not to play Christian music, rap or political talk while they were driving impressionable kids around.

Kim Sordyl, a parent, told the city’s Fox 21 station that banning rap is racist.

“When they select one type of music and it’s rap music, and they call it offensive, I think it’s a big problem,” she told the TV news station.

The controversy was picked up by The Washington Post, which reported that bus drivers were instructed last March to play pop, country, or jazz on the bus radio. The memo included the radio stations allowed in the buses.

The intent was to “limit student exposure to religious teachings, profanity and violent lyrics,” a district spokesman said in a statement.

The school relented and says it will reconsider. Of course, the Christian music is still out.

“I understand not wanting bus drivers to play religious music,” said Sordyl, the parent, “because there is a separation of church and state.”

Actually, it’s not a legal violation according to attorney Abe Hamilton of theAmerican Family Association.

“There’s nothing about Christian music playing on a school bus that violates the Constitution,” Hamilton tells OneNewsNow. “The Constitution prohibits Congress from erecting any laws that would prohibit the free exercise of religion.”


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