We all knew it was coming. Barack Obama tried to be coy when first asked about Arizona’s illegal immigration law, saying he was “disturbed” by it but that no legal action was on the books. And we all took him at his word, right? As we all learned on Tuesday, Obama’s Justice Department has filed a law suit against the state of Arizona in an effort to strike down the law. By doing so, Obama has shown his complete disregard for the laws of the land and the sovereignty of the United States.

As reported in The Washington Times, “Justice Department attorneys said Arizona’s law violates the Constitution by trying to supersede federal law and by impairing illegal immigrants’ right to travel and conduct interstate commerce. They argued that only the federal government can write immigration rules.”

“Diverting federal resources away from dangerous aliens such as terrorism suspects and aliens with criminal records will impact the entire country’s safety,” Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in announcing the lawsuit. “Setting immigration policy and enforcing immigration laws is a national responsibility. Seeking to address the issue through a patchwork of state laws will only create more problems than it solves.”

Holder is right about one thing… enforcing immigration laws IS a national responsibility. So, what happens when the federal government refuses to do its job? Enter Arizona and hopefully other states who are stepping forward to protect their residences while Obama plays politics.

++ Read the lawsuit here.

It’s clear that Obama has no desire to enforce our laws, and in fact, when it comes to wanting to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, Obama will risk the safety of American citizens in order to do so. As noted in a column running on Human Events, Kansas GOP Chairman Kris Kobach notes that “according to Arizona Sen. John Kyl, Obama told him in a one-on-one conversation that the administration was not going to secure the border until Republicans agreed to go along with an amnesty for illegal aliens.” Can you believe this?! Securing the border should be a national priority. Keeping American citizens safe is a fundamental function of the federal government. Well, it was until Barack Obama became president.

Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer struck back at Obama and the lawsuit, calling it a “massive waste of taxpayer funds.” In a written statement released by her office, Brewer said, “As a direct result of failed and inconsistent federal enforcement, Arizona is under attack from violent Mexican drug and immigrant smuggling cartels. Now, Arizona is under attack in federal court from President Obama and his Department of Justice.”

“The irony is that President Obama’s Administration has chosen to sue Arizona for helping to enforce federal immigration law and not sue local governments that have adopted a patchwork of ‘sanctuary’ policies that directly violate federal law. These patchwork local ‘sanctuary’ policies instruct the police not to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

“The best thing government can do is to create a stable, predictable environment, governed by an easily understood set of rules or laws. We do not need to make this more complicated than it already is. We must first and foremost create a secure border. Enhanced trade, economic opportunity and freedom will surely follow.”

Brewer hits the nail on the head. Obama is suing because Arizona is stepping forward to enforce immigration law. Yet at the same time, the federal government is turning its back on law enforcement when it comes to sanctuary cities. So, if local governments violate federal law, it’s ok, but if a state tries to enforce an immigration law, it’s unconstitutional. And that is how the Obama team works. Politics before security. Left-wing “fundamental change” over the safety and well-being of American citizens.

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