A Texas city council has voted to ban American flags from a local cemetery. Why? Because these people want to keep the cemetery free of “clutter.” That’s right… according to these “leaders,” the American flag is “clutter” and cannot be placed beside a tombstone. It appears common sense and respect for veterans have gone out the window.

As reported by KHOU.com in Houston, the city council in Mineral Wells, Texas voted to ban the display of flags and other items such as teddy bears from grave sites. Flags are now only allowed during the two weeks around Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

In addition, flowers can’t even be left at the tombstones of loved ones unless they are in a vase. What kind of ordinance is this?

As KHOU.com notes, it’s “not clear why the city council passed the ordinance,” and they “will reconsider the ban.” Do you think enough people hit them on the head with the common sense hammer?

In today’s society, we have to deal with so many efforts to drive out patriotism. If someone wants to display an American flag next to the grave of a loved one, that person should be allowed to do so. Let’s hope this city council gets the message.

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