Can you imagine what would have happened if some silly conservative talk show host had dared to refer to the revered Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Auntie Ruth?

Joy Reid, one of MSNBC’s racist hosts called Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas ‘Uncle Clarence’ on one of the more disgusting hours of media activism you will ever see.

Maybe she can blame Rachel Maddow’s influence.

That wasn’t enough for Joy. She went on to comment on the white working class and white “wine moms.”

Reid still wasn’t finished. She prattles on saying, if Biden is ultimately the winner he then faces a country that is ‘substantially Trumpist’ as she worries about what the rest of the world will think of us, meaning America.

Who voted for Biden? Just imagine how hate-filled and uninformed you would be if you were tuned in to hear this every night.

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