West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is demanding the Biden administration take even tougher actions to punish Russia by banning the importation of its oil amid its invasion of Ukraine

Manchin, a Democrat who chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said it was hypocritical to ask other countries to do ‘what we can do for ourselves’ – and demanded the administration halt the imports, which he noted exceed 500,000 barrels a day of oil and other petroleum products.

‘To continue to ask other countries to do what we can do for ourselves in a cleaner way is hypocritical. To continue to rely on Russian energy as they attack Ukraine is senseless,’ Manchin said.

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Joe Manchin calls on US for ramped up oil production in wake of Russia-Ukraine war

​Sen. Joe Manchin is calling on the Biden administration to ramp up energy production and end crude oil imports from Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. ​

The West Virginia Democrat, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee,​ said the administration must ensure that the US becomes energy independent. ​

“While Americans decry what is happening in Ukraine, the United States continues to allow the import of more than half a million barrels per day of crude oil and other petroleum products from Russia during this time of war​,” Manchin said on Monday.

“​This makes no sense at all and represents a clear and present danger to our nation’s energy security​,” he said.

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