The mainstream media might have gotten the alleged “Trump-Russia collusion” story wrong, but one media watchdog suggests they’re too far in to admit it. He also argues the MSM may be getting help maintaining the ruse from the “deep state” within the American intelligence community.

Lee Smith, writing for Tablet Magazine, lays out a convincing example in his article “Are NBC and CNN paying off top spies who leaked info with on-air jobs?” He argues, essentially, that:

  • In order to set up then-President-elect Trump, Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper, coordinated with FBI director James Comey to tell Trump about salacious allegations in the unverified “Steele dossier” …
  • Clapper then leaked to CNN that the president is being briefed on a memo that could be used to blackmail him, then …
  • CNN introduced into the national conversation the Steele dossier – which started the Mueller probe.

Don Irvine of Accuracy in Media notes that CNN even won a prestigious journalism awardfor its “coverage.”

“Going to the heart of national security and this involvement [and] to have them doing this leaking to be able to have this [undisclosed] association with the networks … is really shocking,” he admits.

CNN’s Trump-Russia coverage was only the start of an avalanche of similar stories, many produced with the help of sources deep within the intelligence community, he says.

“It just seems that there’s been a growing list of these anonymous sources, particularly since Trump took office,” Irvine observes. “Look, open up – don’t be so secretive,” he urges the media. “You claim that you’re protecting these sources – but who are these people?”

In his article, Smith also writes: “Lies, innuendo, wild conspiracy theorizing, and the insistent assumption of guilt have replaced old-fashioned rules of sourcing, objectivity and basic plausibility.” The result being that “… it’s hard to see how the press is going to find its way out of this hole … because the news industry has collectively decided to keep digging.”

Irvine agrees with Smith that the media is already so deep into the lie they can’t come clean without leaving their reputation in tatters. And he remembers when the media was lambasting Trump for speaking ill of the intelligence community.

“A lot of them were already in collusion with these guys,” Irvine points out. “So they were never going to admit that Trump was right on that because they were gleaning information from these guys.”

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