Move over Mitt Romney! Jeff Flake is back, and he’s wants the title of worst Republican ever. Democrat Kamala Harris says President Trump’s Twitter account should be suspended, and Rashida Tlaib probably wishes she waited one more day to avoid her own Twitter mess.

Jeff Flake wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, and rather than going after the Democrats, Flake spent his time bashing President Trump. It’s as if Flake and Romney are in a contest, and they are trying to outdo each other. Never mind that the left are on the attack. Flake is only concerned with bringing down President Trump.

Kamala Harris spoke out about the Trump impeachment proceedings and added that Twitter should suspend the president’s account. This is so typical of Democrats. They can’t debate, so they try to silence the opposition.

Also, Rashida Tlaib jumped on board the blame train when she tweeted support for Amari Allen, the African American girl who said she was attacked by the white boys. The story was a complete hoax. Do you think Tlaib will apologize to the three white children? Check out today’s show for all the details.

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