A scramble to bring in as many Islamic “refugees” – from Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other terrorism hotspots – into the United States as possible has been underway over the past weeks, as President Barack Obama makes plans to leave office and turn in the White House keys to President-elect Donald Trump.

The Obama administration’s earlier objective of admitting 110,000 refugees into America for the current fiscal year will be exceeded if the current influx is maintained, as approximately 110,580 are now projected to enter the U.S. It is contended that the spike in numbers is intentional and implemented with a clear purpose.

“The refugees are also being concentrated in politically important states, suggesting there is an ideological agenda behind the population transfers, WND reported. “Some might even say America is being ‘colonized.’”

Islamizing America

Leo Hohmann, an investigative reporter on Islamic terrorism for WND who authored Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement, contends that the Left is not discrete about its plans to deconstruct the demographics of the U.S. – one state at a time.

“The term preferred by the Left is ‘seeding’ communities with diversity,” Hohmann informed. “Basically, they are talking about creating a nation within a nation, a parallel society, that will be nurtured and taken care of until it matures and is able to overtake the host community. This sounds seditious, but we have it straight from their own mouths from people on the Left, such as David Lubell of the organization Welcoming America, as I exhaustively documented in Stealth Invasion. Their idea is to change America by changing its people.”

The expert on Islamic terrorism impressed the fact that swing states are predominantly the recipients of the overload of Islamic refugees – so that they can sway future elections for the Left.

“It’s difficult to prove that [Republican] states are being targeted, but I would say that swing states are definitely being loaded up with refugees,” Hohmann pointed out. “Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina and Florida are all among the top 10 or 12 states for refugee resettlement. Solid [Republican] states like Tennessee, Texas, North Dakota, Nebraska, Georgia and Kentucky also get more than their fair share, but so do the [Democrat] states of Illinois, Michigan, California and Minnesota.”

He notes that the number one target where the Left attempts to place Muslim migrants are small towns in the U.S. that are predisposed to vote for GOP candidates.

“What we can say is this – while the refugee resettlement has been chugging along under the radar in this country for 35 years – leading to the explosive growth of mosques and Islamic centers in the United States – I do believe that under Obama, there has been more of a concerted effort to distribute Third World refugees into smaller communities,” Hohmann explained. “How else do you explain that Stone Mountain, Georgia, has received more Syrian refugees than New York City? Or that rural Nebraska leads the nation in refugees per capita, with rural North Dakota right behind?”

From the sparsely populated states around the Rockies and the Plains to the region around the Appalachians, Muslim refugees are heading their way.

“We’ve also seen a renewed effort in 2016 to funnel refugees into Montana, and also a new refugee influx into South Carolina – these are states that haven’t seen many refugees until now, but they’re answering the call of the Obama administration to step up their game,”Hohmann continued. “Even the Republican governor of Wyoming – the only state that does not accept refugees – has tried on at least two occasions over the past few years to embrace refugees, pulling back only after people in his own party became outraged. So all this is going on, and the numbers won’t be great enough to change the vote yet, but it really shows up in the makeup of the communities in states like Tennessee, the Carolinas and Georgia and the Dakotas. You have the meatpackers and other food processors like Chobani Yogurt wanting laborers for their plants and the Muslims wanting worshipers for their mosques, and the Democrats wanting voters to flood the precincts.”

Inciting change

Over the past decades, a new era of terminology has been introduced to the American public when it comes to the immigration of refugees, as the politically correct term “integration” has replaced “assimilation,” in an effort to get Americans on board with the idea that Islamists will not be required to conform to the American mindset – but rather, resume their religious identity and culture apart from the mainstream.

“While the difference seems small and went unnoticed by most politicians, it reflects a drastic change that occurred around the 1970s in the nation’s overarching philosophy regarding immigrants,” WND noted. “They are no longer expected to assimilate, which places the onus on the immigrant to adapt to the dominant American culture … Expecting only ‘integration’ places the burden on the host community to adapt to the foreign culture being imported by the immigrants – meaning it’s now OK if these immigrants still haven’t mastered English after a decade or more in this country – and it’s OK if they prefer Shariah over American values of equality for women and respect for free speech rights, which can take the form of criticism of Islam.”

In a concerted effort to make Islam more culturally acceptable than Christianity through the indoctrination process in the public school system witnessed through the “multiculturalism” curricula – as seen in the federally imposed Common Core cookie-cutter academic standards that is implemented in most states – Muslims are portrayed in a more positive light that Christians.

“If an American criticizes Muhammad or the Quran, for instance, that is now taboo because it may offend the immigrant,” Hohmann impressed. “That American is now a racist or an ‘Islamophobe.’ But the ax doesn’t swing both ways, so if the immigrant were to criticize something about Christianity or the Bible, we don’t hear anything about that immigrant being a ‘Christophobe.’”

He insists that cultural divisions and social tensions in American communities that used to be united are now being witnessed throughout the nation – in something he calls a “top-down cultural transformation” that is being forced upon rural areas, where “small town values” are being destroyed.

“Over time, all these factors combine and the community starts to change and becomes softened to the multicultural vision,” Hohmann added. “Then the government services are offered and more people come to take advantage of that – not only refugees but asylum seekers from Central America and elsewhere.”

Because the proliferation of the Islamic immigration movement is still taking root, drastic shifts at the ballot box are not yet being registered, but Hohmann says social cohesion is the first thing that Americans will witness coming to an early end. He alerts that key states – including Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia – will see their political landscapes evolve as they transform from red to blue states.

“Let’s face it, rural America is the last bastion of conservatism in the United States,” he asserted. “We saw that play out on election night Nov. 8. When all was said and done, it was rural and semi-rural America that brought home the victory for Donald Trump and sent him to the White House. Almost every city of more than 100,000 population went Democratic, as did many smaller cities that are home to colleges and universities, places like Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina, and Missoula, Montana.”

The new colonization effect

One analyst of migration patterns, Diana West, says the Islamization trend in America can be confirmed by a report on Shariah law in the U.S. prepared by the Center for Security Policy. She insists that Islamic colonization is being administered for political reasons – a process that is benignly referred to as “refugee resettlement.”

“The goal is securing perpetual Democrat power, in fact, a one-party state,” contended West, who also serves as a contributor with WND. “The import of Islam into the West – and, more generally, other Third World peoples and cultures without a democratic tradition and few skill sets – make a self-governing polity less and less possible to maintain. The main reason is that with Islam comes the violence of jihad. End of story. With the violence of jihad comes the necessity for the super-security state. With the super-security state comes the destruction of the self-governing polity.”

Noting the terrorist cells in German and the numerous attacks launched there in the name of Allah – the god of Islam – West maintains that government officials are now unsuccessfully trying to implement damage control to mitigate problems incurred from their lenient immigration policies.

“Just look at Germany in the wake of the most recent jihad attack on a Christmas market,” she pointed out. “The government response was to install hideous concrete barriers all around these lovely historic town markets throughout the country. The government’s objective was to prevent further eruptions of the jihad, increasingly common since the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Muslim and mainly male immigrants, which the government itself imported.”

A similar situation could be seen in the not-so-distant future in America, where West says incessant terrorist threats resulting from Obama’s lax refugee resettlement program could be the “new normal.”

“What we once took for granted – public celebration and worship – is today increasingly restricted behind barriers, fear, risk,” she warned. “What is happening before our eyes is nothing less than the contraction of religious freedom in the Christian world as a direct result of an increasingly Islamic presence. Forget about free and open Jewish worship in Europe. It doesn’t exist anymore. As Bat Ye’or has pointed us in her essential writings on dhimmitude, Jewish worship has been constrained and under armed guard in Europe ever since the PLO emerged on the continent by the 1970s. Now, European Jews are migrating to Israel. What, at this rate, will European Christians be doing in a few decades? What will Americans be doing, short of stopping this Islamization trend now?”

More than terrorism …

Harvard University scholar Robert Putnam and other academians insist that besides terrorism, refugee resettlement has social costs.

“[Immigration and ethnic diversity have a] devastating impact on social capital, the fabric of associations, trust and neighborliness that create and sustain communities,” Putnam insisted.

According to Hohmann, the very essence of the social fabric of America is being threatened by mass immigration and refugee resettlement.

“What we will end up seeing is more division and less social cohesion in small-town America,” the authority on jihad foretold. “People will learn to distrust their public officials, law enforcement, city council and school board leaders when they find out the special privileges being afforded to refugees that are not available to them or their children. I have examples of this in my book that are just the first fruits of a pattern that will continue to get worse if Trump does not deal with this issue.”

He claims that social ostracism and economic destruction are being slapped on Americans who do not embrace the colonization of their communities – where they are increasingly being treated as second-class citizens as Muslims receive preferential treatment.

“Civilization jihad is alive and well in the United States, where CAIR and other Muslim groups have been agitating at schools, universities, police departments and with local media to stir up feelings of victimhood among local Muslims while planting fear in the local population,” Hohmann divulged. “[A]nother consequence is loss of freedom – especially freedom of speech. Those who speak out about Islam will lose jobs, lose status in the community and eventually could lose everything – as is already happening in Europe, where people are being arrested on charges of hate crime violations for simply criticizing policies on Facebook.”

He calls Americans to stand against “civilization jihad” before it is too late.

“Now is not the time to cower, but to fight fire with fire – speaking up, making our voices heard at the local level and on social media,” Hohmann concluded. “We don’t have much longer.”


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