The mayor of Champaign, Illinois has signed a declaration of a local emergency that she claims gives her the power to ban the sale of firearms and ammunition, and as we find out more, it includes seizing private property and ban the sale of food, water, fuel, and clothing.

Katie Pavlich at Townhall has more details on the order, which seems to violate the Constitution in any number of ways. Check out some of the powers the mayor has granted to herself.

(6) Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing or giving away of explosives or explosive agents, firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever;

(7) Order the control, restriction and regulation within the City by rationing, issuing quotas, fixing or freezing prices, allocating the use, sale or distribution of food, fuel, clothing and other commodities, materials, goods or services or the necessities of life;

(8) (a) Order City employees or agents, on behalf of the City, to take possession of any real or personal property of any person, or to acquire full title or such lesser interest as may be necessary to deal with a disaster or emergency, and to take possession of and for a limited time, occupy and use any real estate to accomplish alleviation of the disaster, or the effects thereof;

(16) Suspend or limit the use of the water resources or other infrastructure.

(17) Control, restrict, allocate, or regulate the use, sale, production, or distribution of food, water, fuel, clothing, and/or other commodities, materials, goods, services and resources.

There is more, much more.  Check it out at Bearing Arms.

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