A constitutional law expert says President-elect Donald Trump is being encouraged to use up a lot of ink when he gains office in January to reverse some of the harm inflicted over the past eight years.

President Obama has issued a number of executive orders in the past eight years that, according to Matt Barber, crossed constitutional lines in many respects and bypassed Congress.

Barber, founder of Barbwire.com, believes Trump needs to sign his own executive orders to undo some of the damage, “not the least of which is this radical transgender edict that put pressure on schools around the country to open up their bathrooms and showers to boys pretending to be girls,” he tells OneNewsNow.

The Obama administration also ordered the homeless shelters for women who accept federal funds to allow men posing as women to use those facilities.

Keeping in mind that Obama has another couple of months to serve, Barber is also concerned the president “will continue this radical agenda and these lawless radical acts that he has throughout his presidency, but that he will do so at an expedited rate, and really just that the gloves are off in a completely unmatched manner which could be very damaging in a very short period of time.”

But Barber is also hopeful that Trump will appoint a strict, constructionist Supreme Court justice who will rule on the basis of the Constitution.


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