An immigration watchdog says “moderate” Joe Biden holds many of the same far-left views on illegal immigration as Sen. Bernie Sanders but the media is failing to inform Americans of that fact.

Dave Ray, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), says the liberal media is presenting Biden as the candidate who is “riding down the center lane” while his primary opponent, Sanders, is the guy in “left field.”

Sanders, in fact, has been vilified by prominent Democrats as nothing less than a wacky communist who will lose to Donald Trump on Election Day, and Democratic voters seem to agree after choosing the former vice president over Sanders in their caucuses and primaries.

With the primary narrowed to frontrunner Biden and to Sanders, who is barely hanging on, FAIR is using the candidates’ own words to compare their views on key immigration issues such as amnesty, border wall construction, and illegal immigration itself. Sanders is using more bombastic language on the campaign trail, such as calling for halting construction of the “racist” border wall, while Biden has said a border wall fails to address “security challenges” – though what that means is not stated.

On the issue of amnesty, which is a hot-button topic for both Democrats and the GOP, Biden says he supports a “roadmap to citizenship” for the estimated 11 million illegal aliens.

Sanders, meanwhile, has vowed to use the “executive authority” of the president to ensure illegal aliens who have lived in the U.S. for at least five years cannot be deported.

It was not clear from the FAIR press release where it found the candidates’ quotes, such as campaign websites or town hall events.

Biden’s campaign website states repeatedly that he would “rescind” and “reverse” and “end” numerous executive orders initiated by the Trump administration, which have limited the daily number of asylum applications and reinstated the public charge rule for legal immigrants.

“The mainstream media has seemed to drop immigration like a hot potato,” Ray observes. “And I think that’s simply because there’s a general realization that Democratic candidates are so far out of step with the mainstream that it’s not in their best interest to get in this discussion in the first place.”


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