This past Sunday, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum hit the political shows as candidates often do. Did the hosts focus on the pressing issues of jobs and the economy, the debt or the deficit? No. The focus was clearly on Santorum’s positions as a social conservative. With Santorum’s views established, the hosts at NBC and ABC tried to paint him as some sort of extremist. Their questions and efforts were nothing short of pathetic.

Just watch the video below in which NBC’s “Meet the Press” host David Gregory actually asks Santorum if only single woman without children would be welcomed to work in a Santorum administration:

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Santorum cracks a smile and provides an explanation to Gregory’s outrageous question, but I sure wish a candidate or any other conservative would simply call these left-wingers out. That question was 1) stupid, 2) insulting, and 3) senseless. Santorum should have called him on it. Why do conservatives even go on these shows? The fact that Gregory asked it is enough to get the idea out there that Santorum may hold “extremist” positions. Ask the question… let the candidate deny the obvious. Mission accomplished: the question has been asked.

As noted in The Blaze, the idiocy was not confined to NBC. When Santorum moved over to ABC to speak on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, guess what Santorum was asked? He faced some standard election questions, then he was asked “what he would say to those who think his comments on radical feminism alienate women and make him an easier candidate to beat in the general election.”

How typical! These hosts and reporters always refer to “those” or “some” or “detractors” or something like that… a nameless, faceless, unquotable person or group who represents the opposition to the conservative position. I wish conservatives would take on detractors directly. Have NBC bring on an opposition person and have the conservative rip him or her to shreds. Addressing a nameless, faceless detractor is pointless.

Here’s the video, and the social questions start about about the 6:30 mark.

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It’s classic that both as much as Santorum or any candidate has been out there and made comments and promoted issues, that the major networks just happen to key on the same thing.

Conservatives always have an uphill battle in dealing with the so-called mainstream media (what a joke). The best thing that people can do is be aware of what’s going on and pay attention. If you recognize what the media are doing, then you can diffuse their effectiveness. At that point, it just becomes humorous to watch.

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