The fascinating part of listening to people like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi is that despite their so-called “intelligence,” their socialist views are so deep and so strong that their real motives slip out. One would think that Pelosi and Obama would learn at socialism school not to say things like “there comes a point where you’ve made enough money” or “we’re going to tax so we can redistribute the wealth,” yet they do it over and over again.

The latest ridiculous statement came from Nancy Pelosi as she was giving a speech touting the benefits of the health care bill that Americans didn’t want. During her remarks, Pelosi encouraged people to quit their jobs to pursue their passions such as music, because the taxpayers (you and me) will be paying for their healthcare.

An entrepreneurial bill? It sounds like a license to be a bum! Don’t get me wrong… I’m all for people pursuing their passions, but don’t most people get a side job or start trading at VT markets united kingdom so they can actually pay the bills? I guess now, we can all pursue our passions and NOT pay our bills. We don’t have to pay our home mortgages anymore, right? So, what good is a job?


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