An immigration watchdog, witnessing the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, predicts the issue will not be fixed anytime soon with Vice President Kamala Harris supposedly leading the effort.

President Joe Biden announced March 24, five days ago, that he had chosen Vice President Harris to, according to The Associated Press, “tackle the migration challenge at the U.S. southern border and work with Central American countries to address root causes of the problem.”

“When she speaks, she speaks for me,” Biden told reporters.

“Needless to say, the work will not be easy,” Harris said. “But it is important work.”

Nearly a week later, however, it isn’t clear what “important work” Harris has accomplished.

Harris has stated she has no plan to personally visit the border and there are no border-related activities on her schedule, Fox News, citing her weekend work schedule, reported on Monday morning.

According to the AP story, Harris was assigned to talk to South American leaders and urge cooperation to stop the flow of illegal aliens, but an online search failed to produce news stories about diplomatic phone calls.

Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, tells One News Now that there is no reason to have confidence in Harris, who is on record opposing enforcement of immigration laws.

“She boasted about the fact that as attorney general she told sheriffs around the state of California that they don’t have to comply with ICE retainer requests,” he points out. “When she was in the Senate, she compared Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] to the KKK.”

Harris did so at a 2018 Senate hearing, when she was grilling the acting ICE director.

On her American Family Radio program Monday morning, show host Sandy Rios reminded her audience that Harris has been in charge for nearly a week, though Rios questioned who, if anyone, is in charge at the White House after Joe Biden’s alarming press conference last week.

Rios played audio of Harris talking about the “heartbreaking” scene at the border in 2015 during the Trump administration.

“This is not reflective of who we were,” Harris, sounding sad and concerned, told a reporter.

“The same thing’s happening now, only much worse, and you are in charge, Mrs. Harris,” Rios said to her radio audience. “Is this who you are? You won’t even go down. You won’t even go down to the border.”

After a Biden staffer attempted to block several U.S. senators from recording inside a Donna, Texas facility over the weekend, Rios pointed out that Harris stated in the same 2015 interview she thankful for a “free and independent press” that was showing the public what is “really happening” on the border.

The migrant facility in Donna is currently at 1,500% capacity with 4,000 people staying there, U.S. Sen. Cruz told Fox News after the confrontation.


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