A recent nationwide survey reveals that most white Democrats today are non-Christian – and with the extreme policies being touted by most of the Democratic presidential candidates, many conservatives aren’t surprised by the party’s divergence from biblical principles.

“Today, fewer than half of white Democrats describe themselves as Christians, and just three-in-10 say they regularly attend religious services,” Pew Research divulged. “More than four-in-10 white Democrats are religious ‘nones,’ and fully seven-in-10 white Democrats say they attend religious services no more than a few times a year.”

According to Pew researchers – taking into account all Democrats – that means about 60 percent don’t attend services but a few times a year, and the “nones” make up fully one-third of the party.

Secular shift

The far-left policies being touted by 2020 Democratic presidential candidates revolve around social issues such as abortion and same-sex “marriage,” as well as socialist agenda items like universal health care, a $15 trillion Green New Deal, open borders, and absolving all college debt.

The trend away from Christianity toward those unbiblical ideals and social mores has been in full gear since former President Barack Obama – coined by evangelical leader Dr. James Dobson as “the abortion president” – moved into the White House in 2009 to begin eight years of promoting a far-left agenda promoting expanded LGBTQ and abortion rights and other policies signaling a drift from biblical principles.

“In Obama’s first year in office, 68% of white Democrats described themselves as Christians, 7% claimed to be members of other faiths, and 24% said that they had no religious affiliation,” Front Page Magazine reported from the survey. “A decade later, only 47% of white Democrats call themselves Christians, [while] 10% are members of other faiths, and 42% have no religion.”

In other words, secular beliefs on many of the moral issues facing society have taken over most white Democrats’ mindsets to replace former beliefs rooted in the Bible – or, as Front Page Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield put it: “A majority of white Democrats have ceased to be Christian.”

The journalist stressed that the Democratic Party is not the Democratic Party of decades past.

“The Obama era transformed the country and the party,” Greenfield pointed out. “It’s often observed that the Democrats of the JFK era are not the Democrats of today … [what’s more] … the Democrats of 2019 are not the Democrats of 2009. We are a different nation because of it.”

Just look at their proposals

The Democratic Party’s split from Christianity and its guiding principles – many of which are reflected in the U.S. Constitution – has reportedly been demonstrated in the radical left ideas and policies being proposed by this year’s field of Democratic presidential candidates.

“The [Pew survey results] explain why the Democrat debate stage included a cult leader and a call to go after churches and synagogues that don’t back gay marriage,” Greenfield argued. “Not even Obama would have proposed such a thing in 2009, but much has changed since then.”

In 1963, prayer, Bible reading and the teaching of biblical creation – with evolution being exclusively taught as explaining the origin of man and the universe – were taken out of the public schools. Government statistics show immoral and irresponsible behavior of every kind drastically increased afterward, including sexual activity and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, violent crime, drug use, divorce and children born out of wedlock, while graduation rates dropped.

“Obama was born in 1961 – [when] 67% of Generation X was Christian,” Greenfield added. “Millennials are now a quarter of the electorate, and they are evenly divided between Christians and non-Christians. Generation Z represents another 9% of the electorate, and it’s been described as the least religious generation ever.”

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) may have just dropped his presidential bid, but his ultra-left take on numerous issues – including stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights and removing churches’ tax exemption for opposing same-sex marriage – resonates with more and more Democrats.

“Beto O’Rourke’s proposals to confiscate guns or go after the tax-exempt status of traditional religious organizations only seem radical to older voters, [but] they’re not radical to the younger voters he’s courting,” Greenfield stressed. “O’Rourke, [Bernie] Sanders and [Pete] Buttigieg all endorsed abortion until the moment of birth, [and] … this position is far more radical than the one Obama ran on … but so is the 2019 Democrat electorate.”

This can be seen with all 20-plus Democratic candidates’ stance on abortion. When all were asked whether they supported any legal limits on abortion, each either said no or dodged the question. For example, when Martha MacCallum asked self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) about abortion during the Fox News town hall, Sanders would not take a stand for the preborn at any stage in the pregnancy.

“Do you believe a woman should be able to terminate a pregnancy up until the moment of birth?” MacCallum asked Sanders, according to National Review.

Sanders attempted to skirt the issue before arguing the government should have no right to protect preborn children at any stage. “I think that that happens very, very rarely,” he answered. “The decision over abortion belongs to a woman and her physician, not the federal government, not the state government.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-South Bend, Ind.), also made women a law unto themselves. “I trust women to draw the line,” the first openly homosexual presidential candidate asserted when posed the same question. O’Rourke responded likewise.

Lip service only

Some Democrats reportedly attempted to give Christians lip service to retain the religious vote, but many Democrats tout the message that religion and politics don’t mix – a philosophy that more minority Democrats are also embracing.

“While Buttigieg and [Sen. Cory] Booker try to tap into lefty pseudo-religious politics, O’Rourke dispenses with the phony religion by appealing to the new rising demographics of the Democrats, and those demographics are not only white,” Greenfield explained.

“The decline among minority Democrats has not been as dramatic as among white Democrats, but the number of black Democrats who describe themselves as Christian still fell from 84% to 74% from 2009 to 2018-2019. Hispanic Christian identification among Democrats declined from 82% to 71%. Among Democrats as a whole, only 55% identify as Christian – down from 72% in 2009.”

It’s apparent that, as time passes, Democrats are becoming more and more secular.

“Generational shifts will see older, more religious Democrats making way for a new generation, [so] before long, a majority of all Democrats will no longer identify as Christians or as religious believers,” Greenfield predicted. “The Democrats have not only adopted values that are fundamentally hostile to traditional religious believers, but the demographics show that they are living out those values, and, as Beto O’Rourke demonstrated, see less reason to hide them or to pay lip service to religiosity in an irreligious party.”

The journalist for Front Page Magazine predicted that the remnant of Christians ascribing to the Democratic Party will continue to shrink.

“At current rates, Catholics will form a larger share of the GOP than of the Democrats, and Protestants – who made up 46% of the Democrats in 2009 – have declined to 35%, falling from nearly half to a little over a third, [and] 1 in 5 Democrats have never attended religious services,” Greenfield noted. “Republicans and Democrats are no longer divided by their approach to religion, but by religion itself.”

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