If they’ve not already done so, expect organizations to file lawsuits over a California law that allows the release of gun owners’ personal information.

“This is likely a challengeable thing as an invasion of privacy,” says Dave Workman, editor-in-chief of TheGunMag.com. “… California has some of the most extreme anti-gun laws in the United States, and the people who are behind things like this typically [are] trying to poke the gun owners because they think they can get away with it – but you know, gun owners have rights too, and one of those rights is to be left alone.”

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-California) signed Assembly Bill 173 into law on Thursday (September 23). It requires the California Department of Justice to identify people purchasing firearms and ammunition and put that information in a research center at the University of California-Davis. Other universities can also request the data.

Included with the details are a buyer’s name, address, date of birth, what they purchased, where they bought it, and when the transaction occurred.

Workman, Dave (TheGunMag.com)Workman

“All it really does is create problems for gun owners,” Workman tells AFN. “And to be honest with you, it’s nobody’s business really what a firearms owner has in his house. It’s not his neighbor’s business, and it’s certainly none of the government’s business.”

Workman also warns that what happens in California does not stay in California.

“Pay attention to any legislation that might be pre-filed in your state legislature to pay attention to this sort of thing,” he urges. “Because where it pops up in California, weeds grow everywhere – and this is liable to become an idea in some other state.”

One to look out for?

Another “woke” gun-related policy in California is set to take effect on Friday: a program that will pay “high-risk” people in San Francisco $300 a month if they promise not to shoot each other.

Payments under the “Dream Keeper Fellowship” reportedly will be made in the form of gift cards – and participants in the program will be paired with life coaches and serve as “community ambassadors” in trying to stem the spike in shootings this year in the City by the Bay.

Mayor London Breed disputes arguments that the program amounts to “cash for criminals,” a media-generated moniker attached to a similar program in Richmond, California.


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