A conservative activist believes the American people are solidly behind Donald Trump’s call for term limits for members of Congress.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump recently endorsed a constitutional amendment for term limits on Congress, specifically seeking to limit lawmakers to three House terms (six years) and two Senate terms (12 years). Gallup polling indicates that 75 percent of the American people support congressional term limits, including 82 percent of Republicans, 65 percent of Democrats, and 79 percent of Independents.

Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, believes term limits would be a real possibility if Trump gets elected.

“If it’s brought up to a vote both in Congress and the state legislatures, I think a lot of senators and congressmen would be very worried about voting against term limits, knowing how much their own constituents want them,” Bauer poses.

But he believes this is the kind of reform that has zero chance of happening if Hillary Clinton is elected.

“Hillary Clinton’s part of the problem,” Bauer asserts. “She’s been part of the corruption in Washington, D.C. Donald Trump was nowhere near Washington during all those years; he’s not responsible for all the things that happened at IRS and the Veterans Administration, the scandals in Washington, all the things we’ve seen — the scandals in Congress, the scandals under various presidents. He’s been out creating jobs.”

Bauer believes term limits would be a good way to start breaking down Washington’s monopoly on political power, so he says it is no wonder the political elites in both parties are fighting so hard to defeat Trump.


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